5 Dangerous Mental Pitfalls for Your Success

When my team’s scoring drops or I feel like I’m starting to lose ground, I always check myself and others for mental pitfalls. Did someone get caught in them? There are five traps:

  1. You’re looking at the clock, not progress. This trap is prevalent today, in the era of the cult of productivity, when everyone is obsessed with how many hours they spend meaningfully. But here’s what I think: it does not matter how much you work. It’s how you did it! You’re great if you’ve achieved the result in just an hour. You’re not so great if the same result took you six hours.
  2. You spend more resources than you need. This trap is also called “amplification.” It often seems that the more time, money, or moral strength we devote to performing a particular task, the more effectively we accomplish it. Therefore, some SEO experts re-read the post ten times for mistakes, although it is enough to re-read it 1-2 times.
  3. You are always in a rush. Do you want to go home as soon as possible? I can relate to that, but I would advise you to slow down because the human brain is a lazy creature — it quickly learns “convenient” scenarios of behavior and follows them. Hence the decline in productivity and, overall, a negative attitude towards work.
  4. You relax with your phone. Don’t you? You most likely scroll through TikTok while eating or chat with your friends on Facebook while lounging at home after work. However, you are not really resting because you still consume information in the process, albeit entertaining. The brain continues to work, leading to insomnia and stress.

Well, have you got caught in one of those traps? No? Well done! But if you have, now you know how to get out of it. Good luck!