According to the top American business publication Entrepreneur, Alex Reinhardt is one of the ten most influential people in the crypto industry in the world. He is a successful businessman, venture capitalist, economist, expert in the field of crypto technologies and startup development, as well as a business coach. Over the past few years, he held more than 100 coaching seminars, which were attended by about half a million people.

At the age of 15, Alex emigrated from Russia to Germany with his parents, where he had to adapt to a new culture and learn German almost from scratch. School teachers predicted that Alex, who was lagging behind in all subjects, would become a labourer in the future, but he did everything he could to change his fate. Alex learned 30 new German words a day, he saved money and bought sweets for his classmates so that they would agree to spend time with him and help him practice German. Perseverance and superhuman determination helped Alex to enter an elite gymnasium, and later enrol at the Humboldt University of Berlin — one of the best universities in Europe, where Albert Einstein himself once taught.

During his university days, Alex Reinhardt already started working with startups. He helped promising innovators look for funding. In ten years he was able to launch hundreds of startups, raising a total of more than half a billion euros. And in 2016, Alex created the legendary PLATINCOIN cryptosystem, which today occupies a leading position in the blockchain industry. Today, Alex has more than 20 successful business projects under his belt, including his own crowdfunding platform and marketplace.

“One day I realized that my success could help other people. That a real source of income is an important help. I am absolutely sure that my ideas will resonate in the hearts of many people. Let them become a breath of fresh air for you and a springboard for your own success.”