“Our main goal is to show you that high-tech projects can become part of your everyday life (with the right approach).”

This idea unites the projects that Alex Reinhardt is working on (as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist) into a holistic ecosystem.

Everyone has heard about blockchain technology, but very few people are actually regularly using it. After all, blockchain is a complex technology that usually requires special knowledge and training, so the number of its users is small.

Alex Reinhardt has dedicated himself to solving this problem, scaling the blockchain industry and its market for six years now. 

PLC Ultima ecosystem is Alex Reinhardt’s main project. Today, it is one of the biggest projects on the global crypto market. Its overarching goal is to become a bridge between the crypto economy and real economy. Consequently, it will help people all over the world to improve their quality of life. 

PLCU coin has been listed by CoinMarketCap, the largest cryptocurrency analytics portal. It also trades on well-known exchanges such as HitBTC, Coinsbit, Bibox and Bithumb Global. The price at which PLCU first went public was $0.1. However, within six months, the price of the coin soared to $100,000, and at its peak, it stood at $116,000. This growth was made possible by the ever-evolving technology behind the coin and the ever-growing global community. 

The official launch date of the ecosystem was the 28th of December 2016, when the legal entity was registered. However, technology and product development began much earlier and continues today. Today, several dozen technical experts worldwide are working on PLC Ultima. The PLC Ultima ecosystem comprises more than ten products, including the crowdfunding platform Platin Hero, ATM crypto-machines and POS terminals, the PlatinDeal marketplace, and the Power Minter passive income generation product. All the products are based on blockchain and smart contracts. 

PLC Ultima operates under international KYC regulations, has passed all financial regulator reviews in the countries where it operates, and has proven that its operations in the market are fully legal. 

PLC Ultima’s team, led by Alex Reinhardt, consistently creates a cryptocurrency for mass use. Moreover, the number of users and merchants rises daily. Indeed, today, over one million users from one hundred and twenty countries use the coin. 

Ultima Farm is an app that allows you to mine new coins simply by storing them in your wallet. The app locks and holds the coins. Additionally, the more coins the user has on the Farm wallet, the more new coins get mined. Ultima Farm runs for one to three years, mining multiple times the number of frozen coins in the wallet. After the expiry date, all frozen coins are unfrozen and are available for transactions again. 

You can easily spend the coins and transfer them, making transactions and holdings securely at breakneck speed. The user is the sole owner of their coins, and only they have all the information they need to regain access to their wallet.

The Ultima Farm app is a prerequisite for the unique Ultima Minter product to work.

Ultima Minter

The unique development of Ultima Minter offers the user the ability to proactively mine coins.

Ultima Minter is a digital certificate that allows the Ultima Farm app to access coin minting. As the number of coins to mine and the number of users that can mine new coins is strictly limited, the digital certificate is fee-based, and its validity period depends on the Ultima Minter category. The number of coins available for blocking on the farm also depends on the Ultima Minter category and the coin’s market price on the exchange. The higher the category, the more coins can be put into the farm for mining. Nevertheless, the higher the coin price on the market, the less capacity the farm has. You can increase the capacity of your farm by purchasing additional Ultima Minter certificates.

After downloading and installing the free Ultima Farm and Ultima Wallet apps, users complete a free registration and pay for the Ultima Minter of their choice. The user can then top up the farm with coins and lock in a certain amount of funds. After that, all that remains is to start minting by clicking on the mining button. The user’s main wallet in the Ultima Wallet app will begin adding a certain amount of the blocked amount of coins to it every month in equal amounts.

The PLC Debit Card is a crypto debit card that allows users to pay with cryptocurrency virtually anywhere in the world. The card supports seven major cryptocurrencies – Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDT, EOS, BAT, and PLCU. Moreover, five account currencies are available – euro, dollar, pound, Chinese yuan and Japanese yen. The card has an account limit of up to €5,000,000, and the transaction fee ranges from 1 to 2%.

Platin Passport

The Platin Passport service will hold all user information: two-factor authentication data, verification, etc. As a result, Platin Passport will become a single point of entry to all ecosystem products – PLCU, Platin Hero, PlatinDeal, etc.

After registering with one of the products, the system will automatically create a single account for the user for all products. So, for example, if you register with PlatinDeal, Platin Passport will make it easier for you to use that platform and access, say, Platin Hero.

Platin Hero is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that runs on blockchain. A platform for real heroes and anyone who wants to become one. Thanks to its underlying blockchain, minting, and smart contracting technologies, all platform users receive several unique benefits. For instance, projects receive free promotion and funding for their ideas, and users get the opportunity to support ideas and projects with gifts from the projects and a 10% donation bonus.

PlatinDeal is a global marketplace where you can buy and sell any goods and services with PLCUs. Right now, we are developing PlatinDeal 2.0, a marketplace where you can freeze coins for a certain period and get certificates almost free of charge to any shop in the world – from IKEA to Apple to luxury car dealerships – for it.

Pilot projects

PLC Pay is a blockchain-based payment system with partners at more than 200,000 outlets worldwide that allows its members to directly pay for a wide range of goods and services in its market.

Licensed cryptocurrency exchange 

A cryptocurrency exchange and exchanger, where you can instantly exchange PLCU coins with minimal fees, is being prepared for release.

PLC Bank is an ambitious project to create a modern digital bank suitable for doing business from anywhere in the world and friendly to crypto and MLM entrepreneurs. The bank’s customers will have access to flexible corporate accounts, crypto accounts, debit cards that allow direct handling of cryptocurrencies, and many other unique benefits not offered by different banks.

POS terminals is a pilot project that uses POS terminals in thousands of equipped outlets worldwide to pay for purchases with coins and PLC Ultima smart contracts. All you need is a smartphone with an Ultima Wallet crypto wallet installed to pay.

ATM crypto-machines are another pilot project with coin exchange terminals where you can trade crypto coins for fiat currency and vice versa. The exchange only requires a smartphone with an Ultima Wallet crypto wallet installed.

Vending machines

The project aims to introduce vending machines all over the world. The first few dozen machines have already been installed in Hong Kong. In them, you can pay for snacks, ice cream, and drinks with coins using a smartphone with Ultima Wallet installed.

“I have been on both sides of the divide. On the one hand, I am an investor, and on the other, I am the founder of several projects that have received funds on the foreign market.”

At the blockchain forum held in April 2019 in Singapore, Alex Reinhardt suggested that the blockchain community change their approach and start treating crypto projects as regular businesses.

He presented a new ICO 2.0 format to the participants of the blockchain industry. In his speech, he announced the requirements for the applicant projects:

  1. The product is in beta or the MVP stage
  2. Transparent and tested monetisation
  3. Community
  4. Infrastructure (access to the market)

As a venture capitalist, Alex Reinhardt participates in more than 30 projects with a turnover of more than 100,000 million euros. Some of these projects today are:

Electronic exchange

Regulated and equipped with a whole package of new tools, the electronic exchange will become a bridge between the traditional financial world and the crypto industry.

Crypto Fund

The PLC cryptocurrency fund, which has been operating for several years now, shows a yield of up to 30%, regardless of the market trends.

Real estate in Europe

As part of the real estate project, up to 4,000 apartments that meet UN environmental standards will be built in the best areas of Berlin by 2024. The project is available for funding on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform. Users who support the project will receive a 10-30% discount on real estate, depending on the size of the donation.

Active entrepreneurial and investment activity has always demanded Alex Reinhardt to work on self-development – improving his motivational skills, time management, knowledge about marketing and market economy, as well as skills to find a successful solution to various situations in the business world.

One day, Alex realized that he was ready to share his experience with other people and transfer the knowledge he gained.

Today, Alex Reinhardt is a successful business coach. More than 150,000 people a year take part in his coaching sessions — both offline and online.

The total income of Alex’s students for the past 6 years exceeds $100,000,000.

For several years, Alex has been developing training courses that would help people earn more and achieve their most ambitious goals both in life and in business. His Money Education programme includes 14 online courses on leadership, communication skills, negotiation skills, financial and business literacy. The entire programme is now available for free after a quick registration on the Lectera international education platform.