Arabian Business’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Dubai

As usual, yesterday was filled with work and business calls. When suddenly, at the end of the day, my phone exploded with texts: “You are on the Arabian Business top 100 list!”, “Congratulations on the new ranking!”, etc. I read the official notification from the organisers after going through the congratulations. What can I say? I’m extremely proud of this achievement.

Arabian Business is the most famous business publication in the UAE and even in the West. It annually publishes a list of outstanding and inspiring people who have contributed to the development and future of Dubai. Finding yourself on the list among such phenomenal people as the founder of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov, the president of Emirates Airline Sir Tim Clark or the professional MMA fighter Conor McGregor is more than a compliment; it is a genuine recognition of my merits and efforts. 

I am proud not only of the fact that I placed 15th in this great ranking but also of the description of my merits. It indicates that I “help people live comfortably, earn more, and develop their professional skills.” This is exactly what I decided to dedicate my life to, after my family and I became debt-free, and I achieved complete financial and mental freedom. The fact that the editorial board of Arabian Business noticed my contribution to the well-being of humanity and brought it to light serves as the best motivation to continue on this path.

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