Can you read someone’s mind by looking into their eyes? Easily!

I hope you always look in a person’s eye when talking to them, be it a business partner or your friend. After all, maintaining eye contact is the main communication rule which helps build a trusting relationship. There is a reason they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul: with their help, you can quickly determine what a person truly thinks about your words. 

  • Does the other person’s eyes dart from side to side? The person is feeling insecure, ashamed, or perhaps deceiving you.
  • Is the person squinting? They are irritated.
  • Do they have dilated pupils? This is the norm in a dark room, but in a light room, it is a sign of interest in you or the information you can give.
  • Do they blink often? Again, either nerves or lies.
  • Is the person looking not at you but to the side or at a completely different object (like a pen on a table)? They are tired and have lost interest in the conversation.
  • Does the person look at you so intently that they almost don’t blink? They are mesmerized by you!
  • Is the person looking sideways? They don’t trust you.
  • Is the person looking at the floor? They either hide something or feel your superiority.

 This knowledge of nonverbal will come in handy, so memorize it like an alphabet!