Don’t be poor!

Often, when people approach me, they view that their main problem is not having enough money. The reasons may vary, but one of the most common is that the person does not understand how money and other resources work. If this is your case, try talking mentally to the resource you lack and imagine what it will say to you. It goes something like this:

– “Money, I’ve finally met you!”
– “ Hi, we’ll just be a minute.”
– “What do you mean a minute? Why?”
– “Well, no offence, but you’re boring.”
– “Wow! I look for you all the time. I do everything…”
– “What do you do?”
– “Working, saving, saving…”
– “For a rainy day, huh? What’s so interesting about that?
– “What’s interesting to you?”
– “Moving, acting, growing, creating something. And you want us to sit about for years waiting for a rainy day? No, I’m sorry.”
– “How can I let you act if I don’t have the money to do anything?”
– “None at all?”
– “Very little.”
– “So start small, but do something. You live like a poor man because you think and plan like a poor man. Think like a rich man, act! Then we’ll join in.”

Some may call this little dialogue controversial. However, its normal that you should use your energy, time, and money, but the secret is that you must use it wisely. How to do it in your particular case is a topic for a separate conversation.