Alex Reinhardt’s interview for Arabian Business

Dubai, UAE


Alex Reinhardt for Arabian Business: “The most crushing defeat can be turned into the greatest victory”

The weekly business magazine Arabian Business featured an interview with Alex Reinhardt, who shared his secrets for keeping a positive attitude and never giving up on his projects’ success. He also shared stories from his personal life, talking about moving to another country, his teenage years and the debts that his family and first business had to get out of.

Alex Reinhardt’s parents decided to move from Russia to Germany when he was 15 years old. Having virtually no knowledge of the German language, Alex quickly became an outcast at school and even came close to expulsion for poor academic performance. What saved him was stubbornness, namely a strong desire to prove to society and teachers that he could succeed, no matter what. Alex Reinhardt considers his diary to be one of the main self-development tools. There, he wrote down all his doubts and difficulties that he encountered during the process of learning and navigating his new life in Germany.

Alex’s difficult early life strengthened his character, thanks to which he later was able to survive the betrayal of his partners, get out of a debt hole, and even write his best-selling book, “You Are Number One,” which outlines the secrets of leadership and Alex’s business cases. Among the useful habits that helped him achieve success, Alex mentions reading educational literature for 30 minutes a day and getting up early (very early!) in the morning.

For now, the full interview with Alex Reinhardt is only available in the September 2023 print edition of Arabian Business.