Alex Reinhardt’s interview for Bitcoinist

Dubai, UAE


Alex Reinhardt’s interview with Bitcoinist has been released: “Blockchain technology has immense potential in combating poverty worldwide”

According to a report by the IMF, about 45% of the population has high debt vulnerability, and about 1.4 million adults lack access to banking services and basic credit cards. Alex Reinhardt believes that blockchain technologies can deal with inequality and poverty throughout the world, which he spoke about in his interview for Bitcoinist.

Alex Reinhardt explains that, aside from the need to make money, a successful and sustainable enterprise must also fulfil a social purpose, namely, enhancing the well-being of the populace and the economic situation in the region. Ultimately, by elevating the standard of living, the enterprise ensures a more financially sound clientele and accelerated growth rates. In turn, blockchain is an optimal tool for entrepreneurship, which can also provide the population with remote access to economic levers. According to Alex Reinhardt, this is one of the three key blockchain trends today.

Likewise, mining, as a technology for cloud earnings with a low entry threshold, and decentralised platforms, which are gradually gaining popularity and offering more and more flexible tools for increasing earnings, can offer special prospects for improving one’s living standards.

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