How to boost your self-esteem

Honestly, I don’t understand people who suffer from low self-esteem and do nothing about it. I was once the object of ridicule from more successful classmates and, looking at my reflection in the mirror, also considered myself a nobody. Still, I got angry and decided: no, I would be better! I am better now. 

Yes, in practice, it is not so easy to believe in yourself all of a sudden, so here are five things that will help you feel more confident:

  1. Wish-list. Make a list of wishes that you want to fulfill during the year. It can be both material things like buying an apartment and intangible things like mastering programming skills. Knowing your dreams allows you not to be distracted by minor issues and things that are not worth your attention.
  2. Social circle. Look around and think: are there people around you who make you doubt yourself? Who criticizes and hurts you? Who makes you feel worse just by talking to them? These people need to be kicked out of your environment. Choose instead those who, on the contrary, inspire you and give you confidence that you can do anything in the world. 
  3. Appearance. Look in the mirror like I once did and say honestly: do you look like a confident person? You should be neat and stylish, and your looks don’t have to be expensive. Do you have a straight posture? Clean shoes? Wrinkle-free clothes and a nice haircut? Dress like a confident person, and you will be one.
  4. A smile and a laugh. Don’t be shy about smiling at people, and don’t be afraid to sound ridiculous. Sincerity and openness always captivate.
  5. Accomplishments. Make a list of what you are proud of and what makes you better than others. For example, do you make the best lasagna? Write that down! Did you pass the test with the highest score in your class? Make sure to write that too!

Confidence is comprised of little things. So notice things that boost your confidence, such as a beautiful companion next to you or a certain brand of watch on your wrist, and use it deliberately.