How to learn to control yourself

Knowing how to control yourself, what your primary motivation is, and why it is sometimes so difficult to make yourself do something will help you in the future. We have compiled the most interesting tips to help you “cope” with your brain and quickly develop valuable habits.

  1. Don’t try to fix yourself. If you are predisposed to react differently to certain things than the people around you, you will not be able to change that about yourself. But you can analyze the situations that show how you react to certain things. Then, make a plan to deal with your temptations and avoid them. According to experts, regular meditation can also help you.
  2. Do not make important decisions if you are hungry because hunger will push you toward short-term gain. Instead, boost your blood glucose levels with a bagel, chocolate, and soda. But not coffee — this drink creates an insufficient level of dopamine, and the probability of making the wrong decision will increase many times.
  3. Physically distance yourself from temptation so that you have a chance to think things through a few times.
  4. Have a ready-made set of rules on hand in case temptation is nearby. Observe yourself for a few weeks and list everyday situations that cause you to feel weak. For each item on the list, think of a code phrase that will bring you back to a constructive state and an action that will support it. Such phrases could be “Stop” or “I won’t do it,” Actions could be a favorite song on your headphones or a workout.
  5. Set yourself mock deadlines. You can use a special app that sets 25 minutes and doesn’t let you use your phone for that time. After 25 minutes, you can rest.
  6. Plan your day so that unpleasant things you don’t want to do are interspersed with something that always works out well. This way, you will easily overcome procrastination and fear.