Let’s get acquainted!

Hello! If you’re here, that means that we have something to discuss and share. This page will give everyone answers to the questions that are important to us.

My name is Alex Reinhardt. I am a venture investor, economist, crypto-technology and business development expert. These days, I do a lot of consulting, and people come to me from all over the globe. Each of them is interesting and full of surprises, and while I help the person solve their problem, they enrich me with new knowledge and experience.

I am grateful for this opportunity to help people and learn new things – it makes me truly happy. It has also helped me realise that all problems are solvable, and any goal is achievable once you’ve set your mind to it. Any destiny can be made happier and brighter. Any success can be yours. If you agree with me, that means we see eye to eye. However, if you have your doubts, I would be delighted to dispel them and give you some tips on making your dreams come true.

Because of my personal history, I can easily relate to people living in Western Europe, Siberia or Columbia. But that’s a story for another time. Today, I just want to tell you that we will understand each other whatever language you speak. So let’s get acquainted, make yourself comfortable and feel free to ask me any questions. Welcome!