Make good habits!

We all have bad habits, and that’s normal. But do you have any useful ones that would motivate you and increase your productivity? No? Why? After all, all successful people have valuable habits, and you can read the biography of someone who inspires you and see for yourself.

Instilling a helpful habit is not as difficult as it seems:

  1. To begin with, understand why you need the chosen habit in the first place. For example, you get up at 7 a.m. to go to work, where you make money so you can buy what you want. But why would you jog or take a contrast shower daily? How will it benefit you, and how will it change your life or a particular situation?
  2.  Analyze your behavior. Write down what you did throughout the day, what activities were repeated, and why. If you want to get rid of bad habits along the way (which I strongly advise), try to identify those triggers that make you go along with destructive behavior. For example, a boss has yelled at you, and here you are with a cigarette in your hands.
  3. Tell others about your plans. Share your habit goals, accomplishments, and the steps you need to take to develop the habit. It is harder to abandon a plan when you think through every step and tell others about it.  

Be prepared for breakdowns. They are inevitable. All you can do is learn to forgive yourself and not end your journey just because you gave yourself slack. Avoid the most dangerous triggers you identify in the process, and ensure you feel comfortable implanting the habit. Would you like to make the contrast shower a habit? So have a towel and slippers ready!