Mistakes for success

Even if you’re super-professional, some habits can stop you from getting your dream position or executive chair. Statistically, the habits listed below reduce employees’ chances of getting promoted by 36 percent. So what are some mistakes you don’t need to make to get the promotion you’ve long dreamed of?

  1. Tardiness. Your punctuality is essential to both the team and the team leader. The boss will remember all your delinquency when they select a candidate for the available position above yours. Do not be late for work in general and especially for meetings — it is rude, inconsiderate, and unprofessional.
  2. Constant sick leave. If you constantly leave early to go to the doctor, or if you go on sick leave every month, your boss is unlikely to offer you a new position. Take care of your health and start treating illnesses on time, not a couple of weeks later.
  3. Snacking in the workplace. Lunch at your desk can be annoying for your co-workers. Instead, try to eat in a designated area. For example, fish dishes with garlic, chips, eggs, and meatloaf are unacceptable for lunch at the computer. Your maximum is a cup of coffee.
  4. Negative thoughts. Try not to express negative opinions in response to colleagues’ suggestions or stories. This also includes the usual whining and constant complaining. No one wants to see a pessimist as their supervisor.
  5. Clutter in the workplace. Papers, garbage, and coffee cups will say more about you as a person than any words. To your manager, clutter will signal that you are disorganized, infantile, and cannot be trusted.
  6. Having your phone in your hand all the time. Put your smartphone aside while working on an important project or when you are at a meeting. Your phone will show your colleagues and superiors that you’re not too interested in what’s happening around you.