My interview about failure and motivation in Arabian Business

Arabian Business is a popular Emirati weekly magazine covering business analytics and regional news. I recently gave an exclusive interview to the magazine, which you can read in its September issue. I talked about how my family immigrated to Germany when I was 15 years old, how difficult it was for me to settle into a new society without knowing the language, and what debts, betrayals and problems preceded the fact that I am now here with you.

Success is never easy to achieve, but there are ways to help you stay motivated and positive in any situation. Mine include getting up early in the morning, reading educational books for half an hour a day, and keeping a diary, where I wrote down my doubts and insults of my “inner critic” for years. Thanks to my difficult childhood and the determination it instilled in me, I was able to survive the betrayal of my business partners and pull my family out of huge debts. Despite being an outcast at school, I persevered and used those experiences to my advantage.

By the way, my book, “You Are Number One,” is specifically designed to help you develop your leadership skills, personal brand, and soft skills over the course of 30 days. Don’t forget that you are also capable of anything, and everything is possible when you have a clear and desired goal in mind!