Talking about blockchain trends for Bitcoinist

The blockchain industry is one of the most dynamically developing in the world. My love for this technology is largely due to the flexible and broad opportunities for earning money it offers to ordinary people. Moreover, these opportunities only become more numerous every year. I talked about them and the trends that could be observed in the blockchain over the past year in my interview for Bitcoinist.

So, the first thing I think is vital to pay attention to is the problem of poverty around the world. Thus, according to the IMF, about 15% of countries are in crisis, and 45% of their population is vulnerable to debt. At the same time, another 1.4 million adults globally do not even have access to banking services. That is, they have no credit cards or accounts. Imagine that in today’s world!

Blockchain offers a solution to poverty by allowing anyone with any balance above zero to start earning money through the delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Transitioning from centralised to decentralised cryptocurrency services can also provide solutions in this area. All this contributes to the improvement of the market and its ridding of fraudulent projects. These days, the two major trends are driving the development of blockchain technology around the world. However, there is also a third trend, as well as some nuances and risks that businesses should keep in mind if they want to take advantage of these trends and “ride the wave”.

I talk more about this in an interview with Bitcoinist, which you can read in full here: