What is the difference between a leader’s mindset and the mindset of an ordinary person?

Go outside with your phone. Watch someone for a few minutes, then turn on Steve Jobs’ YouTube talk and compare these two people. Can you see the difference?

The leader stands out not just by a well-groomed appearance, well-chosen accessories, and a straight posture but also by how they speak and think. For example, this is what the average person and leader would say in comparison:

The Ordinary Person


It is a problem.

It’s a challenge!

Useless, nothing will work.

It is necessary to analyze how to achieve the desired result and adjust the work.

We will not be able to bypass 80% of large competitors.

We will be able to avoid 20% of competitors in the market.

I’m not ready for that yet.

It’s time to give it a try.

Their product is better than ours.

Yes, their product has pros, but it has drawbacks as well.

I made a mistake.

I gained valuable experience.

I lost.

I will try again.

Do you understand why some people have followers and some don’t? Obviously, the leader stands out by not just proper wording. You must also:

  • Anticipate difficulties. There are no invincible people – even Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Being a leader doesn’t always mean winning. Being a leader means always getting back on your feet and not giving up. So, Steve Jobs began working with Pixar and NeXT, then returned to Apple.
  • See the points of growth. Any mistake, risk, or failure is your opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Without experience, including negative, there is no development.
  • Do not sacrifice everything for the sake of the goal. Leading people means caring for them, too, not only about yourself and the result. No “do or die”! There will always be more opportunities, but your team can fall apart.