What mistakes do novice leaders make?

People tend to make mistakes, and leaders are no exception. But, since you still lead people and are responsible for them, it is still important to minimize these mistakes or at least work them out. I often see novice leaders who, one after another, make the same mistake. Their mistakes are so typical that I have compiled them into a list:

Mistake #1. Self-doubt. Would you want to follow a person who doubts their own decisions and often says “well, probably” or “I don’t know”? A leader should be creative, think outside the box, and, most importantly, be daring (within reasonable limits). Even when the majority discourages the leader from the endeavor, the leader must act as they see fit, as if they have already weighed all the pros and cons.

Mistake #2. Leadership for its own sake. Do you want to be a leader simply because it is trendy and fancy? Then you’re going to be a lousy leader. No one will follow a person who just sees leadership as a benefit for themselves or a pleasant entertainment because leadership is work.

Mistake #3. Contradicting oneself. Do your words match your actions? Do you keep your promises? Are you sure of what you’re saying? You must sincerely desire to lead yourself and your team to success; only then will it be appreciated. A leader should not follow anyone’s lead! Ask yourself, “If everyone were against my idea, would I still implement it?” If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.

Take a screenshot or copy these mistakes, and try never to make them! But if you do, learn from them and push on.