What skills are essential for success?

“I can’t do it,” only weak people, who are not interested in making their dream come true, say that. Learning should be integral to your life if you want to achieve something. Executives, businessmen, speakers, project managers, and many others need to learn the following:

Give yourself an honest assessment. Deep transformations are impossible if you don’t track exactly how they happen. Observe yourself, your actions, and your behaviors, identify mistakes and work on them. Do not be afraid to criticize yourself, but do not forget to praise!

Set deadlines. I often have insights when I realize that I have a chance to implement some super-cool project that the market needs and that will be the first of its kind. Then I come to the team and talk about it; next, I often hear, “Well, we’re going to need six months or a year…” So I always say, “No, you have to do it fast. We have a month.” At first, the team panics, but then they pull themselves together and apply the self-control many teams lack. The shorter the time frame you work, the faster your pace and the more intense the work. Otherwise, you’re dragging your feet.

Adapt and change. Accept that you can never just sigh, sit on a chair, and say, “That’s it, from this day on, I can afford to relax.” No, you can’t relax! Successful people change continuously. Every day, every acquaintance, every event, they adopt. You feel like you’re not doing something as well as you can — find a way to change that. Get up early, lose weight, or maybe sleep more, etc. Change is part of progress.

Succeeding is not easy for anyone. That’s a fact. Be prepared to invest not only money but also time in your growth. Athletes don’t just become Olympic champions, remember? The path from the first training session to the gold medal takes years of training, so do not be lazy and start working on yourself now.