Why it’s good to be angry

When a pivotal moment in your life requires you to make a serious decision, you must remain calm and resolute. It is hard, but you have to. Let me tell you how you can do it.

For unpredictable decisions, the “If… then” technique works great. For example, imagine you are talking at an important meeting, and someone keeps interrupting you. You get annoyed, and that disrupts your presentation. However, if you immediately decide to speak out on the matter in a rude manner, you will spoil the overall impression of your presentation. To avoid accidentally lashing out and snapping, decide if that person interrupts you twice, then you will give them a warning. If they continue, you can ask them to stop interrupting you more bluntly.

Excitement is good because it heightens the senses, but it also needs to be in moderation. It should not prevent you from making a decision or taking a step.

Another psychological defense against fear is moderate anger, which motivates and gives you determination. Are you overwhelmed and can’t get it together? Get angry! No, you don’t have to fight, get mad, or act aggressively. Instead, think about what’s making you angry and channel that dark energy into productive action. That way, you’ll calm down faster and release the negativity.

Remember that your tension is your advantage. You need to change your perspective even when the situation heats up. Think of a potentially dangerous situation as an opportunity to enjoy fighting and showing off. Remember, you have nothing to lose because you will either win or learn the necessary lesson, which means you will still be the winner.