Why you shouldn’t correct all your mistakes

When you were in school, were you ever forced to fill an entire page with a single word where you had the misfortune of making a mistake? I was, and I am now sure that this is a terrible practice that can ruin a person’s life both in childhood and well into their adult years.

The idea that you have to correct every mistake – and sometimes against all common sense, through tears and suffering – comes from the same place. Sure, you need to correct errors, but not all of them, and you definitely shouldn’t let past mistakes get in the way of your progress.

The first thing I always suggest to people when they start working together I first suggest that people start not with past mistakes, but to work for the future.

Mistakes weigh you down, preventing you from moving forward, and especially the ones you can’t fix. So, what’s the use in thinking about them? You have to let them go because while you are dwelling on them, you stop living a fulfilling life.

It’s like running a marathon with a ball and chain around your leg. You can do it, but it’s very hard, and not to mention unreasonable. Moreover, with such a handicap, it’s improbable you’ll win the race!

Many people think that solving problems is a worthy pursuit while working towards the future in the here and now is a bad idea. They are under the illusion that the future is somewhere far ahead, something illusory that a serious person shouldn’t bother with.

Let me be clear for those of you who have this mindset: you probably don’t know how to enjoy the present and live consciously, in the here and now.

I doubt I’ll be wrong to assume that these people only visit the doctor when they get sick, and they only see a psychologist when life becomes unbearable. They don’t think ahead, and they aren’t used to applying a prophylactic approach to their lives. However, they are used to suffering and waiting for something to happen – going so far as to call it a virtue!

And yet, the emotions and struggles you go through today are important and valuable because they represent a starting point that can take you to a better life, where all your dreams become your reality, so why not do that right now?