Exercise for developing self-confidence

Confidence is something many people lack, sometimes even true leaders. In my book, “You’re Number One,” I give you several exercises to develop it; here is the simplest and most influential one. Maybe you won’t like it at first, and you’ll find it silly, but I recommend trying it. The result will exceed your expectations.

So, the exercise is called “Rubber Band.” Here’s what it takes:

Step 1. Buy and wear on your wrist a rubber band.

Step 2. Think back to a situation from the past when your confidence was at its peak. For example, you answered all the questions correctly during an exam and were praised in front of the class. Or when you were walking down the street with a cup of coffee and knew you looked irresistible today. The main thing is to feel that situation intensely, to remember the event and your emotions. How did your confidence manifest itself physically and psychologically? What sensations have you experienced in your body?

Step 3. When you feel insecure or nervous, snap the rubber on your arm. The point is that negative self-perception should be associated with a negative physical manifestation – pain. After 2-3 weeks of this practice, the brain will instinctively avoid the “wrong” behavior, followed by punishment.

Step 4. After you snap the band on your arm, remember the feeling of confidence that you evoked in yourself in the second step. Also, associate it with positive emotions, like you associate uncertainty with negative ones. For example, have your favorite snack.

All done! After a while, the need for a rubber band will go away, and the feeling of confidence will become a habit.