Exercises for boosting charisma

The “Royal posture” exercise is what distinguishes a confident person. First, observe yourself in the mirror. Notice if your shoulders are straight. Your body should be relaxed, keep your chin high when you walk, but not too high. All this creates the first impression of you, which should certainly be positive.

The exercise “Good morning” is a daily greeting to yourself and the world waiting for your victories. Make this your morning mantra: say hello to yourself in front of the mirror as soon as you get out of bed, and only then have breakfast.

The “Helpful evening” exercise is worth taking time to do after work. Spend the evening with your family, have dinner, and talk about the day. Then, when you go to bed, thank your loved ones aloud for being there for you. Thank in your mind the world for the beautiful day and the new small victories.

Practice the “Happy face” exercise to reflect your positive attitude on your face: no lowered lip corners, no sullenness, and no tightness! Come up with an uplifting phrase of your own, such as, “You’re going to make this the best day ever!” and repeat it to yourself every morning and evening until you feel like smiling. Observe yourself in front of the mirror and notice how your face changes during this exercise.