How to apply knowledge of dominant motivation in love

The one determined to succeed is sure that their feelings are mutual, and they prefer fast and passionate relationship development. The one who avoids failure, on the contrary, will procrastinate. It is much harder for them to make the first step. The question is, which couples are better?

A passionate romance is when both are eager to succeed. Such people enter into a relationship by leaps and bounds. On the one hand, they help each other develop and become better. But, on the other hand, one of the partners may not appreciate this or think everything is fine as it is and they don’t need anyone to improve them.

In a laidback romance is where both seek to avoid mistakes. Writers would call this a “train with all the stops.” First, partners are slow to accelerate, but later they are especially committed to each other. Finally, they adapt to each other better, ready to make sacrifices so that the partner can achieve something. Yes, they don’t pour out their feelings publicly, but they don’t need that.

Divide and conquer is another type of relationship when one seeks success and the other wants to avoid failure. He is a pessimist, and she is an optimist. It seems to be a disaster, but the most vital unions emerge when people have different dominant motivations. For such couples, both are responsible for doing what they can best. At the same time, there is trust that the partner will do the rest. The family life of such couples is in better balance. Children understand what optimism and realism are, as parents consider the point of view of both striving for success and avoiding failure.