What rituals help me to be more effective

Rituals are also valuable habits, just more intimate. Rituals help get you into a working mood. I have several rituals that are time-tested and which make it possible for me to achieve everything that I now have.

The first ritual is to get up early. The earlier you get up, the more you can accomplish, and the more you have confidence that things will work out for you. This is primarily dictated by nature since, in ancient times, people hunted and foraged for food during daylight, and there were no predators. Therefore, the majority’s productivity peak falls in the early hours.

Start your morning with something that fills you with energy, such as exercise or a hearty breakfast. Don’t grab things as soon as you open your eyes, but when you get to work, do the first thing you usually spend the most energy on. I typically plan simple and lower priority tasks for the evening, while meetings and negotiations that you can combine with lunch — for the middle of the day.

The second ritual is reading. I read at least 30 minutes a day, and most often, it is specialized or business literature, from where I write out various recommendations, author’s advice, and exercises for myself. Yes, no matter how much experience you have under your belt, this is not a reason to stop learning and developing.

The third ritual I often leave for the evening is a walk. At least 20 minutes! But 40 is better. Fresh air enhances the brain, of course, but only if you do not combine your walk with being on your phone or listening to music. When walking, please focus on the process: look around, observe, and relax.

Those are the rituals. Try to come up with your own because the main thing is that the ritual invigorates you!