Fight stress like a pro

Stress is the scourge of our time. Those who run a business, manage a team, or projects live with stress 24/7. It is sometimes difficult for me to bear the burden that falls on the shoulders of a serial entrepreneur, investor, and business coach who inspires and educates other people. A few simple things help me deal with this, which can also help you:

  • Laugh! Really, do it. Humor oils the wheels of the mechanism so it would work smoothly, quietly, and without creaking. Life isn’t all plain sailing, so you must be prepared for rough seas. The best way to deal with fear, sadness, or disappointment is to laugh. And that doesn’t mean you don’t take what’s happening seriously. It only means that you are defusing the situation.
  • Count back – it helps to stop the flow of thoughts, especially if you combine it with physical exercises. For example, breathing exercises, meditation, or walking. When counting, focus on your body sensations.
  • Talk to your loved ones. The idea is trite but effective. Talk to your friends and family about your day and the experiences or challenges you’ve faced. Even two minutes of talking on the phone with a friend can cheer you up or at least calm you down.

Support yourself. Love yourself. And give yourself time to recover so that stress vanishes before it has time to accumulate and impact your decisions.