How to become a better person without doing anything about it

Love the risk. Do you use the same service all the time? Do you go to the same cafe shop? So ask for a discount as a regular customer! Yes, this situation can be awkward or even ridiculous, not just for you but for the workers too. It does not matter whether you get the discount, but it will increase your self-confidence and help you overcome your mental blocks.

Be open to strangers, look them in the eyes, take a seat next to someone on a half-empty bus. Perhaps that’s how you’ll make a new business acquaintance. Or you will meet your future friend. Either way, you’ll feel more comfortable in situations involving strangers and stop perceiving them as a potential threat.

Tell others about your goal. Do you have ambitious plans for the future? Do you want to start your own business? Or maybe you want to learn a new language and go to graduate school abroad? Tell your friends and family about it. Yes, you run the risk of everyone finding out if you fail, but at the same time, you will see that even if you fail, your friends won’t walk out on you, or nothing terrible will happen. Share your thoughts and feelings on social media. For example, create a Facebook post about your childhood or share your opinion on a new TV series. Tell us about your favorite book. Not for the likes, no. It doesn’t matter how others react to your post, but this is how you’ll try to assert yourself openly. The goal is not to get attention, praise, or approval. Instead, learn to share simply because you have something to share. Not only will it give you confidence, but it may also allow you to meet like-minded people.

Say what you don’t like out loud to anyone, your boss, or the waiter who asked you if you liked the food. Many are too shy to ask their hairdresser for a particular haircut and go home depressed and frustrated with their new image. It won’t do! Be as open and honest as possible, and talk about everything that displeases you. Also, demonstrate understanding and a willingness to solve the problem together. Most importantly, do not discard it.

Take an example from yourself tomorrow. Remember how you tried to identify who is an example and a role model of a leader for you? Now you already know what that person looks like and what you lack to stand on the same level with them. Tomorrow you are your precise role model and motivation. Don’t compare yourself to an idol anymore! Compare yourself to yesterday, and note how much progress you’ve made. Comparing ourselves to other people we know next to nothing about often makes us feel insignificant, regardless of the reality.